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Background of Driver Training Academy (DTA)

We are the Driver Training academy (DTA), the training and research arm of the ABC Transport Plc with over 20 years of relevant experience in the road transport industry in Nigeria and the West Coast of Africa.
A collaborative Research made by the Road Safety Corps and the Traffic and Safety Department of ABC Transport Plc based on verifiable data indicates that over 80% of accidents on Nigerian roads are  caused by human errors. These errors are as a result of defects in behavioural traits and inadequate defensive driving skills. This has made it imperative for every organization to train / retrain her drivers and other road transport/ logistics operators for optimum performance.

Given the above scenario, ABC Transport Plc has always deployed its robust experience as the leading transport company in Nigeria in training and retraining staff of transport and logistics organizations and private individuals. As a safety conscious corporate organization, we implore your organization to avail itself of this opportunity to train/retrain drivers, transport and logistics managers in your establishment.

Remember the adage, “If you don’t train them, don’t blame them.” As part of the effort to reduce auto – crashes experienced on Nigerian roads, ABC Transport Plc through her training, research and development arm acquired sophisticated technologies to make your training and retraining faster and interesting. Among them are simulator rooms, seat belt simulating machine, simulator for car, buses and trucks, vehicle literacy halls, computerized fleet management center, computerized vehicle maintenance scheduler, conducive lecture hall, projectors fitted with speakers, eye examination center (optician available), qualified and professional instructors (theory and practical)and other intelligent transport system (ITS) technologies. Please use this platform to ensure safety of life and properties on the road.

Our Services

Training of competent drivers in defensive driving techniques, road safety laws, traffic rules and regulations, basic motor vehicle technology and administration, executive driver’s training courses ...

About Us

We are the Driver Training academy (DTA), the training and research arm of the ABC Transport Plc with over 20 years of relevant experience in the road transport industry in..


We have a gallery of past training events and activities for your viewing pleasure. This will help have a better understanding of how professional and better ..

Tips to Drive Safely During Heavy Rain

Turning your wipers on helps to wipe off water from your windscreen and gives you a clearer view.

This helps you to see clearly as you drive and helps other drivers to see you coming

when driving in the rain, snow, hail, sleet or ice, slippery roads can affect the system’s ability to maintain a constant vehicle speed if you use cruise control

Double or triple the space you usually follow the car ahead of you.

If you are not seeing clearly due to the heavy rains, its safer to park in a safe and secure place and wait for the rain to subside


The Nigeria Army

DTA training service is quite helpful to our personnel. .Our drivers are professionally trained by DTA.

Lafarge Cement

At Lafarge we do not play with the training of our drivers. And DTA has been the one handling all professional driving training for our drivers. DTA is really top notch .

Nigeria Defence Academy

DTA is quite focused, efficient and patient with learners. Thank you DTA for the quality of service.

Industrial Training Fund - ITF

Our partnership with DTA is quite fruitful because DTA highly professional and efficient in her services. We recommend them to individuals and organisations that may need their services.