Admission is open to:

  • Male and female, eighteen (18) years or older who has the ability to read and write
  • A valid National Drivers' License
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • One able to demonstrate practical evidence of driving ability


  • Simple written and oral test for all applicants to ascertain English Language literacy level.
  • Practical driving demonstration with a car or minibus
  • All applicants are required to complete an enrolment form.

Training Facilities: The training facilities in the Academy include the following:

  • Division simulator
  • Classrooms for theoretical lessons
  • Vehicles: coach, truck and trailer
  • Chalk boards
  • Audio visuals
  • Road signs and symbols (models)
  • First aid equipments
  • Training/Testing arena
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Vehicle maintenance workshop


  • The academy has a team of technically qualified, experienced and skilful instructors.
  • The team is headed by a professional Industrial Trainer and an accredited management trainer. It also has in the staff team, highly rated former long distant truck/trailer/coach driver.


The level of performance of trainees is continuously assessed through- out the duration of training. On completion of training there is an end of program test and evaluation to certify successful candidates. This is conducted for trainees on both practical and theory.


  • Eight (8) weeks course
  • Four (4) weeks course
  • Two (2) weeks course
  • Registration
  • Course Fee is available on demand


Candidates may be sponsored individually or by corporate bodies. The course is non-residential. Trainees are to make their own accommoda- tion arrangements.


Candidates are to pay and obtain their learners' permit before the commencement of training. On successful completion of training, trainees will pay for their driving license and will be assisted to obtain one.


Candidates who are successful in the training will be awarded the DTA Certificates indicating length of the program attended.


DTA is accredited by the Federal Road Safety (FRSC) and approved by the Industrial Training Fund (I.T.F). DTA works in association with other stakeholders and related institutions.