Who We are


There are three major distinct activities under which the academy operates. They are: Training, Education and Development. ABC Transport, in its customary proactive manner, envisaged the pivotal role of training and development in the realization of its organizational goals, thus it made concerted efforts to establish the Driver Training Academy (DTA) as its corporate training school.

Why you should choose us

When it became apparent that the country needed more trained safety conscious drivers and that ABC drivers needed to sustain the orientation and culture of safety, ABC Transport Management came up with the establishment of the Driver Training Academy (DTA) in 2000. The aim of DTA was not only to train all categories of ABC Transport staff, but also members of the public who could obtain certificate courses.

Over the years, DTA has been making concerted efforts to train newly recruited drivers and retraining the existing ones on defensive driving techniques as well as giving them the necessary orientation for safe operations on our major high ways. This routine and mandatory training exercise, carried out three times in a year is usually in collaboration with the Traffic and Safety Department. It is targeted at keeping the drivers abreast of safety considerations on our highways. This objective is being realized. Meanwhile, in its 19th years of existence, DTA has made some tremendous achievements in reshaping the driving attitude of the ABC drivers in particular and the public in general.

DTA since inception has been in the business of training drivers of different corporate organizations. From 1999 to date, DTA has secured approval from the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) to implement over 1000 different in-house training programmes involving almost all the employees of the company. This has earned the company several annual reimbursement claims from ITF and also secured the approval of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) as the foremost approved driving school in Nigeria that trains both Coach and Tractor-Trailer drivers. This is indeed awesome!

It is also worthy of note that apart from the regular ABC Transport Drivers, DTA has trained and certified not less than 800 drivers, most of these drivers are without any crash or accident years after their training. The secret of this laudable feat is not far-fetched. The DTA is endowed with experienced and skillful trainers and the academy is equipped with a training coach installed with safety device (dual pedals) which the trainer could apply in case of failure on the side of the trainee.